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CHILDREN OF A COUNTRY are its real assets, which need to be nurtured with great care. The mission of APOLLO PUBLIC SCHOOL is to nurture this asset so that they become leaders of tomorrow. Our carefully structured strategy for implementation of our mission comprises of building moral character, traditional values and Indian culture; stimulating intellect, general knowledge and academic excellence; enhancing all-round-life-skills, physical health and fitness; encouraging enterprise, fighting spirit and tenacity; sensitizing compassion, friendship and spiritually; importing modern outlook, futuristic vision and global standards as essential parts of growth and development of a child.

We believe in the philosophy that each individual is born with a uniqueness of his own. It shall be our mission to make him aware of this intrinsic uniqueness & endeavour to instill a sense of self-confidence and self-belief in his own abilities so that he can lead a successful life to his full potential.

T.S. Grover